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Where can I buy Disney World Tickets?

Disney Tickets can be purchased online either direct from Disney or from an authorized Disney Ticket reseller. Disney Tickets can also be obtained at the parks, Disney hotels, and authorized ticket outlets in Orlando.

Where can I buy discount Disney World tickets?

Discount Disney Tickets are available from authorized Disney ticket resellers. Discounts are not large but for families buying multiple tickets the savings do add up. Competition is fierce and most discounters are charging very similar prices. I recommend Maple Leaf Tickets, a Kissimmee based ticket reseller. They have been in business for many years and in my experience are very reliable. Disney also discount their tickets when bought in advance from their website, but ticket resellers will always be cheaper, with the exception of one and two day tickets which are almost never discounted.

Which Disney World Tickets should I buy?

This is a question that has no quick answer. There are many types of tickets available and which ones you buy will depend on a number of factors such as length of stay, will you visit multiple parks on the same day, will you be visiting the water parks or Pleasure Island, will you be returning to Disney at a later date, etc. Keep in mind that the more days you buy, the cheaper the ticket and the more you will save. For help in selecting the Disney Tickets that's right for you and for answers to all your ticket questions click here to go to my Disney Ticket information page.

Should I buy an annual pass?

Annual passes are not cheap but they can be tremendous value for money if you plan to stay at a Disney Resort or will be returning to Disney more than once in a 366 day period (Annual passes are good for a year and a day). The reason for this is discounts! Annual pass holders have access to special seasonal rates at select Disney resorts as well as various other discounts unobtainable elsewhere. Is a Disney annual pass right for you? Here again it depends on individual circumstances and you need to study all the various ticket options available to you. I recommend that you click here to go to my Disney Ticket information page where you will find detailed descriptions of all the types of tickets available to you.

Can I buy discount Disney World tickets in Orlando?

The simple answer is yes but be careful. There are authorized ticket resellers and there are unauthorized ticket brokers. Authorized ticket brokers are licensed by Disney and you can rest assured that the tickets you buy are good. There are many ticket resellers, however, who are not licensed by Disney and you have no way of telling if the tickets are good until you try to use them at the park turnstiles. It is very much a case of buyer beware.

What happens to unused days on Disney World Tickets?

This depends on the type of ticket you purchased. In the past, unused days never expired but under Disney's new ticketing system tickets expire 14 days from their first use. After that any unused days will be lost. However, for an additional fee you can purchase the no expiration option. As the name suggests, your tickets will be good for as long as days remain on them. For detailed information on all Disney World Ticket options click here to go to my Disney Ticket information page.

How can I check how many days are left?

The only way to check for unused days on Disney World Tickets is to run them through a scanner at a park turnstile.

Can I use someone else's Disney World Ticket?

This is one of those yes and no answers. If a ticket has been previously used then it will not work for you, even though it may have several unused days left on it. If, however, it has never been used then it will work just fine. The reason for this is Disney now take a finger scan when you first run your ticket through a park's turnstile scanner. After that the ticket will only work for the person whose finger scan matches the one on the ticket. This applies to all ticket types including annual passes. Is this system foolproof? Who knows but I wouldn't want to take the chance of arriving at the park only to be turned away! Never buy tickets that have been used or any that are ridiculously cheap.

What is a finger scan? When you arrive at a park and insert your ticket into a turnstile you will be asked to place your finger into a scanner. This records your fingerprint information onto your ticket, making it useless to anyone other than you. This only takes a second and is completely painless.

How do I know my Disney World Tickets are valid?

If you buy your tickets from Disney or from an authorized ticket reseller such as Maple Leaf Tickets you will not have to worry. If you buy from any other source, there is no way to tell until you arrive at Disney World and attempt to use the ticket.

Can I buy Disney World tickets on ebay?

It is sometimes possible to buy discount tickets on ebay as long as you follow some basic rules. Only bid on new unused tickets, you must know the cost of the tickets you are bidding on, make sure you know what the delivery charges are, and only deal with sellers who have a good reputation. I only deal with sellers who have an ebay rating of 99% or better and ask for recorded delivery so I can track the tickets should there be a problem. I have bought tickets on ebay to several hard ticket events such as Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party using these methods without any problems and was able to save a considerable amount but you have to be careful.

What is an authorized Disney World ticket reseller?

An authorized Disney World ticket reseller has been licensed by Disney to sell their tickets. It should clearly state this on their website.

I don't understand Disney World Tickets. Please explain how they work.

Since 2005 Disney have completely changed the way they sell Tickets and at first glance the array of ticket choices can seem a little overwhelming. Which ticket is right for you will depend on a number of factors, too many to explain here. I recommend that you visit my Disney Ticket pages where you will find a simple explanation of each type of ticket and pass. After reading this you will be able to make an informed decision as to which ticket will fit your individual needs. click here to go to my Disney Ticket information page.

Should I buy Disney World Tickets in the UK or USA?

If you are a visitor from the UK, there are a number of sites in the UK selling Disney World tickets. My advice would be check them first and then try a US based Disney Ticket reseller such as Maple Leaf Tickets. With the very favorable exchange rate from the pound to the dollar, it may be cheaper to buy from a US based authorized Disney World ticket broker such as Maple Leaf Tickets.

What is a Florida Resident ticket and how do I get one?

Disney like to encourage Florida residents to visit their parks and to give them some encouragement they offer a number of discounts, everything from discounted tickets and annual passes to hotel and dining discounts. To qualify for the discounts you must be able to prove Florida residency usually by showing a state photo ID such as a drivers licence. Only Florida residents can use these discounted tickets. They cannot be sold or given as gifts to non residents. Disney enforces this rule rigidly and are very strict about checking photo Ids. For details on Florida residents discounts click here.

Is it worth attending a timeshare presentation to get free or cheap Disney World tickets?

This is entirely down to individual choice. If you are prepared to give up a half day of your vacation (they will tell you 90 minutes but it is always much longer) and either have an interest in buying a timeshare or can politely say the word no multiple times, then go for it. There are some great deals out there. Having been a timeshare salesman for awhile, I can tell you that there will be pressure to buy. With some presentations it is subtle, with others less so but there is always pressure. Usually they will make you up to three offers, each one a little less than the one before, the first offer comes from a salesman, the second from a supervisor and the third from a closer. If this type of high pressure presentation doesn't bother you, then go for it. I am not knocking timeshare presentations. For many families timeshare ownership is a great and cost effective way to take vacations, and many people who attend presentations swearing they are not going to buy end up doing so. But I feel strongly that you should be aware of what you are letting yourself in for should you choose to attend such a presentation.

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